Conscious Uncoupling Coaching with Marilyn Hager

The Conscious Uncoupling 5-Step Coaching Process
Created by Katherine Woodward Thomas, MA, MFT
Spotlighted by Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin

Whether You Are:
  suffering from a recent heartbreak
  or caught in a cycle of endless failed relationships

The Conscious Uncoupling Coaching 5-Step Process Offers Wisdom and Insightful tools for:
  understanding the feelings that are overwhelming you
  identifying and releasing the inner obstacles to love again
  deepening your ability to complete the past
  healing your heart
  preparing you for a joyful "happily even after" future of true love

Marilyn Hager with Katherine Woodward Thomas
What is Conscious Uncoupling?
"A Conscious Uncoupling is a break-up that is characterized by good will, generosity and respect. It is a process that leaves both parties feeling valued and appreciated for all of the good that was experienced. It is a shared intention to minimize the damage they do to themselves, to each other and to their children."
—Katherine Woodward Thomas

Allow yourself to release the patterns of the past to create extraordinary new possibilities for your future. Conscious Uncoupling coaching has worked for many people around the country and around the world, and I know it can work for you, too!

Marilyn was personally trained in by relationship expert and bestselling author, Katherine Woodward Thomas. Having walked beside hundreds of clients, Marilyn will support you through this nationally acclaimed 5-step process with the wisdom and compassion she is known for.

Watch Katherine Woodward Thomas speak about the Conscious Uncoupling Coaching Process in the following videos:

As the term Conscious Uncoupling rippled through popular culture because Gwyneth Paltrow announced her uncoupling from Chris Martin, Katherine made this appearance on the Today Show.

YouTube Interview with Barnet Bain on Cutting Edge Consciousness

You Tube Interview with Patricia Albere on
Evolutionary Collective Consciousness

What is included in the 5-step Process?

Step 1: Finding Emotional Freedom
Explore the 3 keys to healing heartbreak: unlock the methods for transforming your difficult emotions into extraordinary evolution and liberation.

Step 2: Reclaiming Your Power & Your Life
Heal the heartbreak of this breakup and connect with your power to embody your most radiant self.

Step 3: Breaking The Pattern, Healing Your Heart
Learn the 5-key practices that will support you to unravel the tattered old tapestry of painful patterns in love and reweave a brilliant new tapestry that tells a story of possibility for the life you desire to create.

Step 4: Becoming A Love Alchemist
Take the steps to consciously and respectfully complete your relationship, liberate yourself from resentments and learn to generate high magic that will create peace between yourself and your former partner, no matter how bad it’s been.

Step 5: Creating Your Happily Even After Life
Engage a Soul-centered ritual that will empower you, your former partner and all involved to move forward toward loving completion, opening your hearts to attract healthy, happy new love and generate a rich, new rewarding future.


How Our Conscious Uncoupling Coaching
Experience Will Unfold
Order Conscious Uncoupling book here

You will purchase the book: Conscious Uncoupling: 5 Steps to Living Happily Even After, newly released by Katherine Woodward Thomas.

Using the book as the foundation of our transformative coaching together, you will read a step and do the exercises, then we will meet over the phone to nurture the awakenings you will have discovered.

As a Transformative Master Coach specializing in Conscious Uncoupling, I will mentor you to heal and transform your heartbreak. We will deepen into greater awareness through advanced tools that Katherine has developed for us to explore.

I will partner with you as you soothe the wounds of an ended relationship and break through any obstacles you have to conscious resolution. The discussion will be tailored to your personal position along your unique path to healing your heart and stepping into a powerful new outlook on life and on love.

This nationally acclaimed program incorporates leading-edge transformational technologies and Brain Science processes to ensure you heal your deepest wounds, move past your stuck spots so you’re ready to welcome true love when it is presented.

Individual or shorter package coaching sessions are also available.

To request a complimentary
Conscious Uncoupling coaching consultation,
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Transforming Heartbreak

We respect your privacy and will never share your information

Together we have the power
to cause great miracles of healing in our lives!

What Clients Are Saying about Marilyn

"Marilyn's kind and compassionate personality and gentle, yet determined Conscious Uncoupling approach to my divorce helped me to experience major transformation. I was able to make discoveries about myself that will influence me and my relationships in a positive way for the rest of my life."
—Lisa, Actor, CO

"The Conscous Uncoupling coaching process with Marilyn has been transformational for me! I have identified and broken through several issues that have so painfully kept me from loving in a way that would have my relatinonships last. Wow, how empowering!"
—AA, Writer, CO

"Through her expert and caring guidance, Marilyn helped me to find the love for myself that I needed to embrace in order to heal my heart."
—AC, Artist, CO

Broken heart back together"Marilyn gently and firmly showed me that my own beliefs and reflections of myself severely impacted by abiity to be my "best me;" the person who would move beyond the woundings of my heartbreak. Not only did these lessons help me to understand how to put my heart back together, they also helped me to see how my reflections impacted my entire life and all of my relationships. I am most grateful for Marilyn, Conscious Uncoupling, the work she participated in with me, her wisdom, knowledge and deep love for my wellbeing."—PD, Actress, NY

About Marilyn
Marilyn Hager, Sr. Conscious Uncoupling CoachMarilyn is a Transformative Master Coach Certified in Conscious Uncoupling who has recently used this 5-step process to uncouple from her husband with integrity, compassion and true healing.

Countless transformational moments throughout their 13-year marriage prepared her for the conscious ending of this precious evolutionary relationship.Along with Conscious Uncoupling, Marilyn has been personally trained by Katherine Woodward Thomas and Claire Zammit as a Transformative Master Coach in the following specialties: Feminine Power Mastery, Calling in "The One" Mastery.

Marilyn is a certified Calling in "The One" and Feminine Power Group Facilitator, and a trainer and supervisor of Calling in "The One" and Feminine Power Coaches.

Additionally, Marilyn is a Licensed California Massage Therapist, and a Visionary Artist / Animator / Creative Director.

Over the past 40 years, she has trained with renowned teachers in the fields of transformation, holistic living, spirituality, meditation and bodywork.

TransformTouch™, a specialized modality that she developed, combines deep transformative openings with powerful bodywork, which come together to catalyze life-altering transformation for her clients.

Through her compassionate, insightful and creative perspective, she will expertly guide you down a transformative path to heal your heartbreak and prepare you for the limitless possibilities of the life and love you have always dreamed of.

She is looking forward to supporting you in healing your heart and preparing for the possibilities you most deeply desire!

Frequently Asked Questions
What will I learn?
You will learn how to transform your heartbreak in prepartion for the great love you have always desired. This love will match the conscious heart you be attracted love through. Our coaching partnership, while highly informative, is primarily transformative in nature. You will have the opportunity to:
discover and gain tremendous clarity about your specific obstacles that have created the painful expresson of love.
identify and release the patterns, core beliefs and incompletions that have been preventing love from taking root in your life.
be given powerful tools to cause the future you desire.

Why should I be personally coached as opposed to just read the book?
Studies show that people are most successful at creating change in their lives when they exchange ideas with expert mentors. Not only does Marilyn have 40 years of experience in transformative education, but she has undergone the Conscious Uncoupling process herself and has personally mentored many people.

As your guide on this journey, Marilyn will walk beside you through the Conscious Uncoupling 5-step process of transformation with inspiration and encouragement. She will skillfully support you to navigate territory that might prove challenging when engaged alone.

Also, Marilyn has been trained in new practices that create even deeper access to embodying the principles of the course. She will share these practices with you in a way that relates to your specific needs and experience.

Can I really heal from heartbreak in just 5 steps?
The 5-step process is customizable to whatever period of time is needed for you to feel in integrity with the end of your relationship and to have your heartbreak be healed. However, the real goal is not only to heal, but to prepare you so that you never have to repeat the same dynamics again, and for most people, that can certainly be accomplished through the Conscious Uncoupling 5 steps to living happily even after.


To request a complimentary
Conscious Uncoupling coaching consultation,
call 424.634.0408

Transforming Heartbreak
We respect your privacy and will never share your information

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